Yarn Dyeing

In its facilities containing machinery which have all been replaced in the year 2007, daily 10.000 kgs of different blended yarns are dyed in automatic dyeing batches , varying in capacities from 25 kgs to 600 kgs.

Fabric Dyeing

In the year 2005 , HT type dyeing batches were replaced with ones with new technology that dye the fabric in a very short time.Furthermore , with the addition of “Pad Batch” continuous fabric dyeing line , the manufacturing facilities was enhanced while the daily capacity has been increased to 35.000 kgs.
The line for mercerizing, working under the same roof at a capacity of 5 tons per day and producing cotton fabrics, has a better sheen and smooth appearance that is unique.
Moreover, processes such as Brushing , Carbon Brushing , Shearing and Thumbler Drying that are used for textile finishing, give the fabric a different surface and feel.