Once the production of fabric has been completed and ready for despatch , it is passed through automatic quality control machines and packaged.On the same machines , the nett and gross weight (kg) as well as the length of the roll (in meters) are measured automatically. After the evaluation of the batches and rolls are conducted by the quality control team on the basis of international points system , they are sent for shipment.

Physical Test Laboratory:

Not only at the semi-finished stage but also at the final preparation for despatch stage , physical tests are carried out for all our fabric.In this way , all our products are checked according to customer requirements and international standards.In the laboratory and conditioning room , all procedures are carried out at 20 ºC and 65% RH standard atmospheric conditions.
As accredited by Next (UK) , our laboratory tests are carried out according to the below given ISO methods;

Dimensional Stability : BS EN ISO 6330-5077
Washing Fastness : BS EN ISO 105 C06
Water Fastness : BS EN ISO 105 E01
Alkaline Perspiration Fastness : BS EN ISO 105 C04
Acidic Perspiration Fastness : BS EN ISO 105 C04
Rubbing Fastness : BS EN ISO 10 X 12
Pilling Test : BS EN ISO 12945/1, 12945/2, 12947/1
Bursting Strength Test : BS EN ISO 13938/2

Colour Laboratory:

After the customer colour standard is read into the spectrometer (DATACOLOR) in the gray room, the lab-dyeing tubes are made ready under full automation in accordance with the results. Later on, the lab-dips are sent to the customer on a colour card to make it possible for the customer to state its preference.
Furthermore , our extensive archive of colour samples are always at our customers’ disposal. The spectrometer is further used for colour comparison between lab-dip approval and production and the process is continued with computerized confirmation.